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    10 Indoor Activites to Burn Kid’s Energy

    With everyone practicing social distancing and spending more time indoors, telling your kids to go outside and run around with their friends isn’t the best option. There are so many great indoor activities for kids that don’t just mean sitting in front of the TV. If your kids are full of pent up energy, here are ten indoor physical activities that will help your kids burn some energy.

    Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

    You can use pillows and other items around your home to build a fun and free obstacle course indoors for your kids. My kids love weaving in and out of soccer practice cones with something on wheels like a mini shopping cart, climbing through crete paper ‘webs’ in our narrow hallway, sliding on a beach towel and having to toss a soft ball into the laundry basket. They will love going through the course multiple times and seeing how fast they can complete it. We’ve done this at least once a year (usually during winter) and have a whistle on a necklace that serves as the trophy and passes from winner to winner.

    Make Up Your Own Game

    You don’t need a board game or video to help you come up with some game ideas! You can always make up your own! If you’re out of ideas, here are a few games to play indoors.

    Go on an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

    You don’t have to go outside to do a scavenger hunt! You can have your kids hunt for items by color or create clues to have them search for items around your home. Check Pinterest or Etsy for downloadable graphic games.

    Do Some Chores

    If you want your kids to burn some energy, consider having them play a game to clean up! Our kids love playing the freeze game to clean up, and it’s a great way to burn some energy. A fun reward at the end is an added incentive. Popcicles on our porch swing always motivates!

    Follow Along with an Exercise Video

    There are yoga, aerobics, and even videos made for kids right on YouTube to help your kids exercise and stay active. Here are a few exercise videos made for kids.

    Make a Maze

    You can use old cardboard boxes or even toys to make a maze for your kids to play in! They will have fun wandering through the maze to try and find their way out!

    Have a Dance Party

    Create an awesome playlist and have a dance party! You can dance all-around your home, and you’ll get a great workout at the same time! Try teaching them a line dance like the Macarena or the Hustle if you’re in a disco/retro mood.

    Photo by Fizkes/Adobe

    Build Blanket Forts and Tunnels

    Building a fort takes a lot of energy! But, if you’re looking for a way to add more activity, you can have your kids build tunnels out of blankets. Trust me, after about two or three times of army crawling through those tunnels; they’ll be tired. Then it can be a nice quiet time session inside the fort! Flashlight and book optional 😉

    Play Hide-and-Seek

    Hide and seek is a great way for your kids to get up and move! Just make sure your kids take turns being the hider and the seeker. We added a level of fun last time we played and the hider has to also hide a favorite stuffed animal before they do.

    Pretend the Floor is Lava

    When was the last time you pretended that the floor was lava? Challenging your kids not to touch the floor can be so much fun! You can set up pillows on the floor for easy stepping stones for them, and watch as they jump from couch to couch to avoid the floor.

    I hope these give you some ideas on easy ways to burn some of that stuck inside pent up energy kids are dealing with right now. Keep these in mind too even after social distancing is over. These can save your sanity during rainy days, snow days or if you need to stay indoors to avoid forest fire affected or generally unhealthy air quality. But most of all, stay safe and try to make the best of all of the togetherness time!

    If you’d like a few more creative play ideas, be sure to click on the top of the website banner for other great ideas.

    Feature photo by Elizabeth Curtiss