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    2020 Bathroom/Laundry Remodeling Projects

    Got any projects on the docket for the New Year? In the Langland household we certainly do. We are currently in the process of building a fence between our home and guest cottage (which we rent out), a project that became high priority when we added a hot tub to our patio that sits right across from our renter’s living room window (sorry neighbor Bob)! But the biggest projects we are taking on in the New Year are adding an upstairs laundry unit, remodeling our guest bathroom, and converting an upstairs office into a children’s bathroom.

    Wondering why we’d take on all three of these projects at once? Well, the answer is simple. While my husband and I will be taking on most of the labor ourselves, the project will require the assistance of sub-contractors, and it can be very tricky to get reputable ones to show up for projects on our little island. Once you’ve got them, it helps to accomplish as much as possible. Plus, if we purchase fixtures and finishes for all three rooms at the same time, it will ensure cohesion, save time, and often save money by getting discounted prices on purchasing multiple items at once. If you’ve followed along with the NQM blog for a bit you will know we are no strangers to remodeling, buts it’s been a bit of time since we’ve taken a large project on, which is clear because I’m not completely terrified at this point. Here’s the details:

    1. Add Upstairs Laundry Unit: We currently have a small, stackable laundry unit in our mudroom. This is wonderful for kitchen rags, dog blankets, and extra-dirty clothes that should never get past the mudroom, but not so great for handling the laundry needs of a family of four. Because all our bedrooms are on the second floor, it’s logical to have our main laundry unit upstairs. Currently we have three potential places where the laundry system will live:
      • Hallway Linen Closet. This is my #1 pick because it’s the most centrally located between the bedrooms, and the items stored in the linen closet can easily move to other places in our home. The downside of this spot is there isn’t currently plumbing roughed in, and the big one; we’d need to find a unit that is max 27” deep, which is shallower than most standard units.
      • New Children’s Bathroom. There is currently a closet nook in the space that is to become the children’s bathroom that could potentially house a laundry unit. The upsides are that we will be adding plumbing to the area already, and someday when our kids go off to college (sob!) we can have this room function primarily as a laundry room. The downside is that when the kids are using the bathroom, the laundry room will be occupied. This isn’t a problem now, but from what I hear, could cause some issues when they are a bit older and spend more time bathing and primping.
      • Master Closet. This is my last choice. Although it would likely be the most convenient from a clothing perspective, and near the plumbing lines that service our master bath, it would cut into our closet space significantly. Enough said, right!?!
    2. Main Floor Guest Bathroom Remodel: You know a bathroom needs a remodel when it, #1 has a wood toilet seat, and #2 has a shower with a non-privacy window on the main level (let’s just say I keep my head down when I run into the FedEx guy around town). Here are our main goals for this room.
      • Replace and relocate toilet and vanity. The biggest challenge about this room is the large, main-floor window that covers almost the entirety of the exterior wall. Currently, not only can you see right into the shower, the vanity has no mirror above it, but rather looks out into the front yard. Our plan is to relocate the vanity to a spot that will fit a mirror above it, but still allow the doorway to remain unobstructed. The toilet will need to move to make way for the vanity.
      • Decrease Shower Size. Did this heading blow your mind? Who wants a smaller shower you say? Well, stealing space from the shower is the only way we can move the vanity, and decreasing its size is really fine since, #1. it’s a guest bath, and #2. its currently huge, and since two shower heads would never work, half of its only useful to wave at the FedEx guy. Are you ready for me to leave this topic alone yet 😉?
      • Replace Window. Hopefully, the answer to the question above is “no.” While we need to keep the size of the window the same since it fits with the exterior architecture of our home, we will be replacing the old window with one that has screens and privacy glass on the bottom panes.
      • New Tile, Paint, and Fixtures. We are going to repeat tile, paint colors, and finishes that have already been used throughout the home. This will likely mean lots of subway tile, cool color tones, white cabinetry with Carrara stone, brushed nickel fixtures, and warm, wood-toned accent pieces. From my experience remodeling and decorating many homes, repeating finishes throughout a home is the number one choice you can make to create a space that feels comfortable, stylish, and cohesive, and bathrooms are no exception.
    3. Convert Upstairs Office to Children’s Bathroom: There is currently only one bathroom upstairs servicing all our family’s bedrooms, and we are certainly ready to get our kids into their own space. Because my husband and I both have office space in other parts of the home, and more importantly, since we are very much done having children, it makes since to turn this spot into a kid’s bath. Here are our goals.
      • New Shower/Bath Unit, Vanity, Toilet, Tile, Paint, and Fixtures. Since this space is not currently a bathroom, pretty much everything will need to be new. We have not made specific selections for fixtures or finishes yet, but as discussed above, whenever possible they will be the same as what we’ve used in the rest of the home. The specific layout will depend on where the laundry unit ends up.
      • Replace Window. The current window is both old and has no privacy glass, so it will need to be replaced with a more functional unit.

    That about sums it up, and what could possibly go wrong? Everything. Everything my friends.

    Enjoy hearing about our plans? Stay tuned for a post (hopefully) in the near future, detailing how the process plays out, and of course showing off the finished rooms! Interested in seeing some of our past remodeling projects? Check out these past posts on Renovation Regrets, 5 Must Follow Tips for Kitchen Remodels, and My Tiny Mudroom Tour.

    Feature photo by Stock Photos Pro. Other photos and floor plans by Tera Langland.

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