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    5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Best Guy

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And while the traditional gifts of flowers, chocolate, or even a little lingerie are lovely for the ladies, if your looking for a sweet treat with a masculine vibe for your fella this year, follow along for 5 great gifts your guy is sure to love.

    1. Barber Shop Bliss. For several years when we lived in Seattle, I’d get my husband a gift certificate and book him an appointment at a high-end barber shop. This shop, that is, believe it or not called Valentine’s, specializes in luxurious straight razor shaves, haircuts, and facials for men, and offers cocktails to sip during your service! Do a quick internet search and find a luxury men’s barber shop or spa and get your fella on the books for some high-end manscaping. It will be a treat he’d probably not splurge on himself, but one he’s sure to enjoy. An easy add on for the gift card presentation is a luxury or sport travel oriented dopp kit with a few goodies like the one shown above – check Nordstrom, REI or the barber shop depending on his tastes.
    2. Top Shelf Libations. If you’ve waited until the last minute to pick something up for you man, or if he’s simply impossible to shop for, purchasing a bottle of top-shelf booze is a pretty safe bet. I’ll admit, during the crazy days of early parenting, my husband got a bottle of high-end Irish whisky every single Valentine’s for about 5 years! Be sure you’re picking out something he covets at home or orders out at fancy restaurants. And if your laying down some extra cash for a special bottle, it always a good idea to get some input from a knowledgeable salesperson (just make sure you tell them your budget in advance).
    3. Ultra-Soft Sheets. You know what just might be sexier than lingerie…. soft and luxurious bed sheets (although I find silk sheets a little barfy). My husband was thrilled when I picked up some cozy flannel sheets this winter, and for Valentine’s I’m going to splurge on a set from Brooklinen, the wildly popular luxury sheet brand.  Their sheets come in many lovely colors and patterns, and I’m really feeling this set, with its modern and masculine window pane pattern.
    4. Event Tickets. Tucking a pair of hot event tickets into your guy’s Valentine’s card is a sure winner. Scroll through the upcoming concerts to see if there’s a band he loves coming to town, or plan a weekend getaway to catch a show further from home. If music isn’t his jam, snag some sweet seats at one of his favorite sporting events. Bonus points for having a fun date night to look forward to, or give him an evening off from family affairs to hang out with a buddy.
    5. Smart Ass Socks. On a bit of a budget this year but still want to give your guy something sweet? When I was running my ideas for this article past my husband, he said flashy and cheeky socks are certainly trending among young professional guys.  A quick internet search will pull up lots of amusing options for a pair that suits your fella’s personality, makes him laugh, or hopefully both.

    Looking for something romantic, practical, fun, or even budget-friendly this year for your best guy? Look no further than my list of 5 ideas that are sure to warm your man’s heart. XOXO.