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    6 New (Super Fun) Easter Egg Hunt Ideas that Kids Will Love!

    Just because you’re stuck inside or limited to a small back yard for Easter doesn’t mean you have to stop the kid’s favorite Easter tradition: special egg hunts. In our other Easter Egg post Making Easter Special Even if Small, Indoors or Away from Family & Friends , we talk through ways to keep your traditions alive in spite of today’s need to adjust the holiday.

    In addition to the linked posts ideas on how to keep some things continued, we thought it would be a great time to try something new. They can either turn into new annual traditions or just shake things up for added fun since kids often equate new with exciting. Our thinking caps were on when we brainstormed these creative egg hunts, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

    Try these new themes and ideas to make this year’s Easter Egg Hunt extra fun and memorable:

    1. Math Eggs. Divide all the eggs into the different types of math that your kids are currently learning. You can use light colored crayons to write numbers on the egg before you dye it, or you can just stickers or simply write with a sharpie on the egg. When your kids find an egg they have to bring it back to you and solve a math problem to get a piece of chocolate. This will allow them to get some energy out running around while also giving their brains a little bit of an exercise too.
    2. Hoppy Hunt. Have a regular Easter egg hunt but, because there is no running allowed in the house you have to hop everywhere! This makes for a slower hunt as well as a more physically active one. Just make sure before you start that anything at risk of being bumped and falling over is moved to a safe location. For this, you might want to declare that one of the rooms (parent’s bedroom is the best) as off-limits. This is where you can hide anything you don’t want to be broken.
    3. In the Dark. Whoever said that you have to do your Easter egg hunt in the morning? Why not wait until the evening when it’s dark and turn out all the lights for an Easter egg hunt in the dark. You can get glow in the dark eggs or just give your kids a flashlight. Once again though, you’ll want to move anything that could fall over and break. Moving around in the dark isn’t easy.
    4. Get Active. This Easter egg hunt is similar to the Math Eggs where each egg collected will be brought to you and they will have to do something in order to get a prize. This time that something is active. It might be 10 jumping jacks, sit-ups, or a minute of stretching. This will prolong how long the game goes on while also getting your kids to be active.
    5. Scavenger Hunt. Rather than having a regular Easter egg hunt why not have a collaborative scavenger hunt? Each Easter egg has a clue that will lead the kids to the next egg and then the next. At the end, they’ll find something waiting for them for the whole family, like a new board game or something similar. This is a great game for 2 or more kids who then have to work together and bounce ideas back and forth.
    6. Assign a Color. Finally, there is what might be my favorite idea, assigning kids a different color. This method works great if you’ve got a spread in the ages of your kids as you can give some kids more of a challenge while leaving easier eggs for the little ones. The idea is quite simple, each kid is assigned a color when they start and they are only allowed to pick up eggs that are their color. Make sure that each child has the same number of eggs so there isn’t any jealousy.

    No matter what you choose to do this year, have fun. Remember your mood sets tone for your kids so don’t be down if you’re missing your usual Easter activites, embrace a new kind of fun instead!