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    Awesome and Easy DIY Crepe Paper Banners!

    Supplies needed: painters or art tape in your choice of color, crepe paper in the color(s) you want, reasonably sharp scissors, metal measuring tape and (optional) decorative ribbon or fun cut out for each corner.

    • Decide on a color scheme, if you want random colors like the feature photo above or if you’d prefer blocks of color or a rainbow effect.
    • Measure the height and width of the wall display space for the banner and write the two measurements down.
    • Clear a large open space of floor inside (outside any wind with create a major hot mess).
    • With a couple of 3-4″ pieces of painter’s tape, mark the width of the banner on the floor.
    • If creating a rainbow or blocks of solid color, use a few more ~ 4″ pieces to mark off the individual widths of each color on the floor.
    Photo by Marla Smith Photography
    • Next use your metal measure tape to show the height TIMES 2 that you want plus add around 4-6″ inches to the double figure. I wanted a 4.5′ length so you can see below I measure to a bit beyond 9.’
    • Lay the crepe paper strips out in which ever color pattern you like, keeping them close together until you’ve got the full width you’re shooting for.
    • Don’t get too crazy about the strips being perfectly smooth – just try not to have noticable gaps between each piece.
    • Once you have the full width of strips out, change your metal tape measure to denote the middle mark. Example: I was working on a 4.5′ long banner so my initial length when rolling all the pieces out was 9′ but at this point, I close the measure back down to 4.5′ so that I can see my middle.
    • Working only on the middle line, smooth out any weird ripples and close up gaps so that you see a solid mass of colored paper all the way across the center line of the width.
    • If by yourself (if you have a partner skip this step), pull out around 6-8″ of painters tape and stick it to the floor on one side or the other of the center line (width). Then while holding the tape roll, carefully and slowly (so you don’t create any air movement), step over or walk around to the other side of the middle point.
    • If you have a helper, take your roll of painters tape and have your helper stand at one side of the middle mark and hold the end of the tape being sure that there is around 6-8″ of extra tape beyond the desired width. Then while standing up, slowly (do not create a big flow of air!) roll out the tape until you are on the opposite side of the midline.
    • Kneal down and in a straight, tight line, adhere the tape to the middle point of crepe paper strips; BE SURE to then tape the ‘tail’ on this side down to the floor with a extra 5-8′ of tape.
    • At this point the hardest part is done! 🙂
    • Note: You need to decide how sturdy you want the banner to be. If this is going to be used outside or if you’ll use it multiple times, it’s a great idea to reinforce the masking tape line. The DIY info on this is at the end of the post.
    • With reasonable care, take bottom edges of one side of crepe paper banner and flip them to be on the other side. If they get a little wonkey and tangled it’s not big deal as things will shake out when you hang them.
    • Now your tape is on the inside fold between the two sides, and is a ‘string’ that the banner will hang from.
    • Carefully peel the two ends of the tape up being extremely careful to keep them from the strips of paper. Again, much easier with a partner!
    • Attach the banner to the wall being careful to seal the tape down tightly. If it’s quite long, or if you’ll want your end product to have more layers of crepe paper, be sure to use thumb tacks to hold each end.
    • If you want a peak in the middle of it, add a nail or tack to the middle and swoop up the banner there.
    • Stand back and assess where there are gaps in the paper strips and how fully you want the banner to be. I generally add around 2-3 additional strips of crepe paper for every foot of width.
    • It’s easy to tuck additional pieces behind the banner and for maxiumum fullness, use a piece long enough (9′ in my case) to go from one end of the strips to other other.
    • Once the fullness is how you like it, trim the bottom edge with your sharp scissors. Some people like a perfectly straight edge yet I prefer one that’s a bit varied.
    • Double check the tape being attached well to the wall and either add cute ribbon trim to cover the less than fab tape tails or simple place a cute cut out like the glitter heart over the tape tails.

    • For outdoor banner reinforcement, you really need a helper and a clear space big enough to lay out another width of the banner. (1) Measure out another long piece of tape (that’s the same size as your middle width piece + the tails) sticky side up and at each end fold a bit of the tail under so it will stick the tape piece to the floor. (2) Each person carefully peels up the end tail of tape of the assembled banner and stands up holding tightly to it. (3) you’ll both need to bend down so that there’s not a lot of space between the floor and the banner, move slowly and carefully walking over the sticky side up tape. Once you’re in place, kneal down and adhere the bottom side of your assembled banner to the sticky side up tape on the floor. So your middle line has tape on the top and bottom at this point.
    • When buying your crepe paper: take use total length of the crepe paper section and divide it by the number of colors you want to use. Ex: 5′ banner divided by 5 colors = each color section should be 1 foot long.
    • approximate how many crepe paper strips it will take to cover each color’s section. Ex. 1′ sections require around 8 strips of crepe paper.
    • multiply the needed number of strips of crepe paper x 1.75 and this is how many strips of crepe paper you should cut for each color. Ex. 1′ long section needs 14 strips of each individual color.
    • Important: to estimate how much crepe paper you need, complete this step before buying! Refer to your measurement of ideal length and multiply that number by 2. Ex. let’s say you want the banner to be 3′ long; 3 x 2 = 6′ long pieces for crepe paper. Calculate how much crepe paper is needed by length of strips in inches x how many strips you need of each color. Ex. 6 x 12 = 72 inch long strips. 72 x 14 = 1008″ ; then divide 1008 by 12 to give you total length of crepe paper per color. So with the example, you’d need 84 feet of crepe paper. Most crepe paper is sold in 92′ or 82′ rolls so err on the side of generosity and get a spare roll.

    All photos by Elizabeth Curtiss unless otherwise noted.

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