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    DIY Rainbow-tastic Art Party Decor

    Splatter Banner

    • Buy an inexpensive white sheet that is the correct size for your space; I re-purposed an old Queen size sheet and bleached it before painting.
    • Choose acrylic or tempera paints in colors that you like.
    • Sketch the appropriate year number on a poster board and cut out. I printed a “6” in a nice bold font on to standard paper just to give me an exact model to copy.
    • Go outside in an area that won’t be a big deal if paint gets splattered on it, then weight the sheet down in each corner.
    • Next, adhere the number to somewhere around the center of the sheet using strong double sided tape (or make your own tape circles with fairly wide packing tape).
    • Have a bucket of water plus rags or paper towels at the ready for when you want to change paint colors.
    • To do the actual splattering, pour a small puddle of paint into your palm, dip your fingers into the paint and use a flicking motion to spray the paint on to the sheet.
    • Get your child to help you flick the paint on to the sheet until you feel like there’s a good enough mix of coverage and density of splatters.
    • Let the paint completely dry which usually takes 24 hours.
    • Lift off the poster board number and set aside for use somewhere else in the party.
    • Attach the sheet to a wall or pin it over a curtain rod like we did.

    Balloon Tassel String

    • Buy a 36″ latex balloon filled with helium that comes with a balloon weight. Note: be sure to get High Float in the balloon to ensure longer life span.
    • Buy either pre-made tassels or make tassels yourself with tissue tassel kits like these.
    • Using fairly strong string or twine, measure the string length needed and double it.
    • Tie string to the balloon, slide a tassel to the knot and tie another knot securing the tassel.
    • Place the next tassel onto the string and slide it towards the balloon but stop such that the loop of the tassel is just hidden from the bottom of the 1st tassel (see distance above).
    • Tie knot to secure the 2nd tassel in place and continue with this method until you have all tassels attached to the string.
    • If your string is strong enough, tie the balloon weight to the bottom of the tassel string. If it’s not strong enough, simply leave the original string and in 2-3 spots along the tassel sting length, attach it to the original string by knotting a small piece of fishing line around both strings. Trim the filament so that the attachment spots are invisible.

    Front Door Panels

    • Buy the proper length and width curtain panel for your space. With standard 8′ ceiling you’d need a 95″ long panel to cover floor to ceiling, and in our case, we don’t have much room on either side of the door so we only got 1 panel that’s 48″ wide.
    • Cut the panel in two pieces with very sharp scissors to limit the amount of fraying.
    • Follow the same general instructions to make the foot prints as I listed out in the Easy Idea for Guest Sign in Keepsake post although you’ll need to be careful to use spare plates for your child to step on between making footprints.
    • Tack panels up with clear thumbtacks or strong removable double sided tape.
    • Important notes: (1) be sure to plan for any light fixture or other wall mounted obstruction in your space. We measured the position of the light fixture and simple cut a slit that had a small circle at the end so that we could slip the panel from the bottom towards the ceiling around the light and (2) have the finished hem sides of the panel be closest to the door—you won’t notice the raw edge as much that way.

    Lettering Tips

    • Use painter’s masking tape and a level to create easy-to-follow level line guides; then add marks on the tape showing 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 width marks for easier letter placement.
    • We used 4″ Franklin Gothic permanent adhesive letters for Reina’s name and 3″ for the SHE CREATES title and RETROSPECTIVE subtitle. In spite of the ‘permanent’ nature of them, they peeled off easily on glass as well as on our painted walls.

    Red Carpet

    • Measure the width and length of your entry area including any stairs.
    • Most felt comes in 72″ widths at stores like Michaels, Jo-Ann’s and Hobby Lobby. I cut it in half to create 36″ runners.
    • Place fabric and trim as needed.
    • Use thumbtacks or heavy double stick tape to pin the felt securely and avoid creating a trip hazard.

    Kid-Sized Silhouette

    • If you’d like your child to paint their own silhouette, order white craft paper. Note: I wanted 48″ wide because I also used it as a table covering on the dining table.
    • If you’d rather the silhouette was a cute pattern, choose pretty wrapping paper instead but be sure it’s wide enough for your child’s body outline.
    • Roll out the paper. If using white craft paper there’s no issue with which side to use, however, if you’re using wrapping paper be sure to lay the pattern face down on the floor.
    • Before your child lays down, be sure there are not pebbles or debris under the paper because their weight will rip the paper if the floor isn’t clean.
    • If you want one side of the silhouette to be posing in a particular way (like Reina was above so she could ‘hold’ the 6 balloon) be sure the arm that’s not by their side is raised on the correct side and in the way that makes sense for your design. Take note if you’re outlining on the back side of patterned paper to flip the placement in order to get the pose correct for your plan.
    • Have your child lay on the paper.
    • Use a non-permanent marker to outline around your child. It’s more interesting usually if their fingers are spread out and you trace the profile of your child. I drew in Reina’s hair after the outline was done because it’s hard to capture it will in a traced silhouette.
    • Darken the outline with a thicker marker then have your child paint it however they’d like. Try to get them to stay somewhat in the lines to make it easier to cut the silhouette out or use a straight pin to create a trail of pin holes on the line of the silhouette.
    • Cut out the silhouette and use double stick tape to mount it. If you’re using a balloon as shown here, be sure to tape it down very well. Helium balloons have more gravitational pull than you’d think 😉

    Melted Crayon Art

    We used a small canvas and fairly large-sized broken crayons (without labels) to create the picture you see here. Check out this tutorial on the Spruce Crafts blog. I found the easel at Restoration Hardware a few years ago. It was pretty easy for Reina to do this as long as I was around to help a bit here and there.

    Crepe Paper Banner

    (As shown above) For instructions please refer to the post How to Create a Stunning Crepe Paper Banner.

    Paint Brush Banner

    • Buy colorful paint brushes in the size you’d like. I used a combination of brushes from this Target set and Amazon set.
    • Take simple kitchen string and measure out how long you want your banner to be (including the swags—not just straight across the top), then use a metal measure tape to make that length on the floor and lock the tape.
    • Lay out all of the brushes along this length to get an idea of how close you want them to each other.
    • Measure out a tail of about 1′ on the end of the string and tie a knot at that 1′ mark.
    • Then tie the first brush on the string at your pre-determined position.
    • When tying the brush on, take care to make a knot above the handle tip— otherwise the brushes won’t hang very well—see below.
    • Continue tying all brushes on and when finished use safety pins on the inside of the tablecloth to attach the banner.

    All Photos by Marla Smith

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