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Easy Party Idea: Chili Bar

I love serving food at parties that can be made way in advance so that I can be relaxed and enjoy hanging out with guests. One crowd pleaser that can be made days ahead of time is a Chili Bar.

One key point is that it’s important to make your set up feel special in order to elevate the chili to something special.

6 Super easy steps:

  1. Make chili or buy it at a fav take out place. Try NQM Beef & Bean Chili Recipe – it’s fantastic!
  2. Decide on what toppings you’d like to serve with it, prep them ahead of time and store them in your serving dish covered in saran wrap.
  3. Lay out bowls, individual mini pots (like those shown here) or mugs.
  4. Display soup spoons and napkins in a cute glass, vase or container.
  5. Warm chili in a large crock pot. I LOVE my All Clad 6.5 Quart Slow Cooker  because it’s larger capacity than most, cooks really evenly and as has programmable timer settings.
  6. Serve with a side like corn bread or tortilla chips.

Toppings to consider:

  1. hot sauce like Franks or Tabasco
  2. grated cheddar cheese
  3. finely chopped onion – white for classic, red for tex mex or chicken
  4. thin sliced green onions
  5. sour cream
  6. avocado
  7. jalapenos (pickled &/or raw)
  8. limes
  9. crumbled queso fresco
  10. fresh cilantro
  11. salt and pepper

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Featured Photo by Nicole Vaughn