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Fun and Easy St. Patty’s Dessert Buffet

There just something about St. Patrick’s Day that lends itself to being a tad over the top, right? This set up and food took a little over an hour (not counting the time spent sorting Skittles while watching TV—LOL). I know it looks like it took about 2 or 3 times that right?!? So the secret is using easy to hang decor and mainly store bought sweets with one homemade and one partly homemade.

The cute glittered LUCKY banner is from Hobby Lobby. Little foam stickers, also from Hobby Lobby, dress up the Rolo candies and give just the right spacing between the cupcakes. We weren’t having a lot of kids over so I decided to limit the number of cupcakes hence the need for the Solos.

I had found this adorable old jar a couple years ago at a great antique market in Portland and it looks awesome with its only little stash of gold, doesn’t it? Too bad the Rolo candies aren’t actually gold nuggets!

The crepe paper set with full rainbow colors and gold garland are both Amazon buys and were fantastic bang for the buck!

Check out the Easy DIY Rainbow Drink Tray post for information on how to get the look of the green punch bottles.

The ice cream sandwiches were the partial homemade item. Mint chocolate chip ice cream scooped between two store bought chocolate cookies from my local grocery’s bakery section. The trick to these is to let the ice cream soften a bit, get really large-sized scoops and then as soon as you sandwich them between the cookies, pop them back in the freezer.

The mint brownies with chocolate ganache topping were from another blog called Sally’s Baking Addiction.


All Photos by Marla Smith Photography

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