Great Classic Cocktail: Blood & Sand

    The delicious cocktail has been on my favorite list for almost 7 years. Steven and I found the recipe for it when we were researching classic, turn of the century cocktails for our Speakeasy themed wedding reception so it’s an oldie but a goodie! And these days, I see it all over Seattle at chic bars and restaurants which is awesome!

    It’s one of those cocktails that goes well with a lot of different food and snacks.

    It’s oddly refreshing yet quite flavorful so good in every season. It’s hard to believe there is such a thing as a refreshing and ‘lighter’ scotch cocktail right?!? It’s pretty booze forward though so know that it packs a punch haha. One or two are pretty much it for me for a night! Any more than that and you’ll find me dancing on a table with a lampshade on my head…

    If you like cherries and either scotch or bourbon this is a must try for you. Be sure to only use Heering though—other cherry liqueurs just don’t taste any where close to it in my opinion.

    Prep time: 2-4
    Serves: 1 person
    Pairs well with: Savory and complex flavors, appetizers, fruit desserts, pork and beef dishes


    • 1 ounce Scotch (or Bourbon)
    • 1 ounce Sweet Vermouth
    • 1 ounce Cherry Heering
    • 1 ounce Orange or Blood Orange Juice
    • Optional: Luxardo Cherries and blood orange

    Mixing instructions:

    • Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously.
    • Strain into a champagne couple or martini glass for a classic look.
    • Garnish with Luxardo Cherries and/or round slice of a blood orange.


    • There are many types of artisinal sweet vermouth brands these days. Try a few to see which appeals to you most; we love Lustau brand the best.
    • When choosing Scotch, it’s best to avoid peaty varieties. Our preference for Scotch in this recipe is Glenfiddich or Dalmore with a very close runner up in a more wallet friendly range is Bird Dog Whiskey.
    • Luxardo Cherries are pricey but so worth it as it is a not from concentrate or fresh squeezed orange juice.
    • If you like the idea of having champagne coupe or cocktail glasses, check out thrift stores and antique malls for bargains. We have a mixed collection of many patterns which is both fun and functional (guests know which glass is theirs even at larger parties).


    Featured Photo by Nicole Vaughn