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    3 Super Easy Ideas for Christmas Fun & Connection

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my relatives and Christmas Dinner yet can get tired of some of the common conversations around the holidays: hearing about which neighbor/relative has arthritis or some other ailment Ad nauseam, little kids not-so-funny riddles, long conversations about sports or God forbid politics.  If you’re in similar place and even if you have way more lively conversations than we do, it can be terrific to break out some Christmas Conversation Starters.

    As simple as they are, Conversation Starters result in thought provoking conversations and people sharing memories and personal feelings about the holidays. I’ve learned some great stories about grandparent’s childhoods as well as what my kids remember and cherish most.

    I first picked up Christmas Conversation Starters and it’s been a very fun addition to our traditional meals ever since. My particular deck doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but I found

    The next tradition has also added fun to our holiday meals: crackers (also called poppers).

    These are very traditional in England and come filled with little trinkets as well as a gold crown. The crown is required attire at our house and it’s funny to see a few of our normally staid family members in them. It’s hard not to have fun in a crown, right?!?  I know some hosts add in a special item or two into their crackers which is easy to do as the ends untwist but be careful to buy only small items that’ll fit!

    Photo by Paola Thomas

    Our local gift store has quite a few this year so you may want to check locally because they seem to be rising in popularity. Amazon is sold out at the moment but there are a few internet options if you order today:

    My final suggestion for a fun addition is to add a game or two to the occasion.

    I found a fun Christmas Trivia Game set or check Etsy for a variety of downloadable Christmas games.

    I personally prefer non-Christmas games and we often play them at dinner parties. A great option for up 6-20 people is Rollick.  It’s supposed to be charades on steroids!  I’ve also heard that What Do You Meme?  is  a blast but can’t vouch personally. Dixit is a fun one which I can speak to from personal experience and it’s good for a small to medium sized crowd.

    I hope that my suggestions help spice up the holiday evening for you, and no matter what you decide to do (or not do) that you make some wonderful memories and savor the family time! 

    All photos by Paola Thomas