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Kid-Approved St. Patty’s Day Fun

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should in case you don’t! LOL), you must have read that Isabelle’s pre-school teacher made a big deal out of St. Patrick’s Day and I was amazed at how much the kids LOVED it! Ever since, I’ve tried to celebrate the day with her and now with Reina with a little dessert party as well as with a few surprises throughout the day. Here’s how to pull off an awesome kid’s party that won’t break the bank or be much work:

Step 1: Balloons! Be sure to get them with High Float so they last for days and then become perfect favors for kids to take home.

Step 2: Get Fun Hats or Headbands. Kids love goofy things to wear so indulge them πŸ™‚ !

Step 3: Set the Stage and Clear a Kid-Friendly Space. We chose Reina’s playroom which has a colorful button rug, a kid-sized table and her new set of kids chairs that I love!

Step 4: Get Fun Disposable Plates and Favors. The plates, gold x-small forks and spoons, little pots of gold, horns and green drinks add so much pizzazz without much effort.

Step 5: Use Easy Decorations that Have Big Impact. The pennants, tassels, apron as well as rainbow art work by Reina really added a lot to the feel of the party.

Step 6: Choose Easy, Tasty Treats. The lemon jello pots of gold were big hits and super easy to do since it’s just jello, whip cream and either sprinkles or sour belt rainbows (I’ve shown both). Be sure to read the Fun and Easy St. Patrick’s Dessert Buffet post as well as the Rainbow Drink Tray post for the full menu.

Step 7: Remember Some Little Details Pack Big Punch. Things like the sour belt swirls (above), little bows on the flatware, stickers on the ‘pots of gold’ Rolo’s and ties on the drinks add so much to your party.

Step 8: Have Fun! Do silly things like hunting for Leprechauns, putting green dye in the toilet bowl (hey, Leprechauns need to potty too!), make Leprechaun traps with the kids (see Pinterest for a zillion how to’s) and play Irish Folk Music and dance around.


All Photos by Marla Smith Photography

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