How an Essential Oils Skeptic Became a Raving Fan

I am probably one of the people that most resisted and was least likely to use essential oils. No exaggeration…I’ve got a hyper active sense of smell, plus serious allergies to many common flowers and trees, so the thought of using infusers and adding scent to the air? NO. THANK. YOU.

My family enjoys teasing me about my overly sensitive sense of smell and we’ve all taken to calling it my ‘dog nose.’ I hate, no… DESPISE, cloyingly fake scented candles and things like Glade Air Fresheners. Like beyond any level of dislike of a scent you can imagine–I react to them with nausea or headaches. It’s similar with ‘odor guard’ trash bags, most cleaners, and don’t even get me going on dryer sheets and fabric softener (LIVING HELL to my dog nose!)… This near-phobia level reaction, combined with allergies, made me sure that they just weren’t for me.

Plus, what did the do anyways?!? Seemed like a bunch of hogwash to me!

So how in the heck did I, oh hater of scents, end up loving essential oils?

Well…on accident.  I started out wanting to shift to natural cleaners yet didn’t love using vinegar. Once I found out about Essential Oils, I realized they could solve two big issues (explained in a minute) PLUS be natural cleaners, and this began my mind shift.

I took a course from blogger Stacy Meyers, who is definitely in the upper level of cleaning superstars plus is hyper organized and, as you know by now, I love both!  Then around 8 months ago, we found each other on Instagram and started to trade comments and joke around with regularity.

Stacy messaged me 3 months ago and asked if I wanted to take part in a webinar about changing to natural cleaning. I’ve had many experiences that led me to wanting to clean with natural, chemical free cleaners and you can read the full story here, but the gist of it is that the light bulb finally came on for me that it was time to make a change to healthier living. Since switching to natural cleaning was a big to-do on my list, I said yes.

If I’d known the webinar was also about Essential Oils or through a specific company like Young Living, I would have politely replied “No, thank you,” and my inner voice would have been screaming, “HELL NO!!”

I didn’t fully get that when people talk about natural cleaners they’re often talking about essential oils. Stacy’s Facebook Live webinar was the first time I’d ever heard details about essential oils and how you could use them.

I realized I’d been thinking of Essential Oils all wrong – almost as incense – without realizing that pure, natural, and high-quality oils smell wonderful and even offer health benefits.

So, I decided to eat my words and try them out. Until I tried essential oils for myself, I really didn’t understand that I just hated artificial scents and natural scents that have been processed a lot.  And I for sure didn’t get how many different natural ways there are to help improve my quality of life.

Did I have any concerns at the time of ordering?

Definitely! I was seriously concerned that I’d hate the smell of Thieves and/or it wouldn’t work well enough to satisfy my clean freak tendencies. I also worried that a diffuser wouldn’t make much difference with the air quality in our guest room and that I’d dislike all of the oil scents. And last, would I use the oils enough to justify the cost?

Did the Premium Starter Kit meet my expectations, and is it a good value?

Yes and then some! And here’s why:

  • I LOVED the Aria Diffuser and was impressed by its effectiveness in a big space; the other option of a well rated large room air purifier cost quite a bit more than the entire Premium Starter Kit – even with the upgraded Aria diffuser (+ $100) that I chose because it had a speaker built in. Without the upgrade, the kit is half the cost of the $340 purifier I had saved in my Amazon cart. 
  • Thieves Cleaner has impressive cleaning power!  Plus my concerns about not tolerating the scent proved wrong (it’d been described as heavy cloves and spice); I was pleasantly surprised at Thieves being more like a chai tea than holiday potpourri.
  • The quality of everything was very obvious from the care they took in packaging, to the information enclosed, to the actual products themselves.

Did I have immediate results? Yes and no.

In the “Yes” immediate change department:

  • Helping my 5-year-old’s sleep issues – she’d been waking for a few months in tears around 5 days a week due to nightmares. I diluted the lavender oil that can with the starter kit and it helps her unwind at bedtime when incorporated into our bedtime routine. It may be a placebo or it may be that the lavender genuinely affects her brain’s ability to relax and improves her mood. Either way, her nightmares have become rare and I’m incredibly happy!
  • Freshening my guest room area – we were about to have a woman from Colombia move in for a year as part of an exchange program, and I was concerned about the musty, unused room smell that lingered even though I’d cleaned very, very thoroughly. Within 2 days of setting up the diffuser in her room, the smell was significantly improved and within a week it was gone completely!
  • The aromatherapy difference was noticeable for me: I used oils to ease my occasional insomnia and when I wanted to increase focus while working.
  • I also loved the natural cleaners that came with the Premium Starter Kit, and my article on natural cleaning (LINK) expands more on how they made our everyday cleaning safer and more effective.

Some no…

As with much in life, results and change don’t happen overnight, and change isn’t without effort. Habits take time right? As does learning.

It’s a little overwhelming when you’re totally new to Essential Oils like I was. I literally stuck the oils (other than the 2 used in the guest room) in a drawer and ignored them because I simply didn’t have a clue what to do with them all.

Thankfully, Stacy held my newbie hand and offered some great tips.  This is the effort part I mentioned by the way… I needed to spend some time figuring out what would help me most.  I’m really thankful for my connected group’s advice, plus all the information on Instagram, Pinterest, and the internet in general about oils and ways to use them. Every week it feels like I find a new way to use things and expand my overall value for the Premium Starter Kit (as well as the oils I’ve added since then).

I completely understand how you might be thinking and feeling right now – anything from incredibly skeptical (like I was) to super interested.  

I 100% get the various thoughts of hesitation running through your head!

  For instance, beyond the concerns I mentioned above, you might be thinking “Isn’t Young Living a multi-level marketing company? Blah!” And maybe “home-based salespeople are pushy and overbearing!!!” Or “sounds great but it’s not a good time for me.”

Seriously, no matter which you’re feeling, I get you. I thought all of the above! So no pressure here!

Know though that I’m here when you want to know more. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, know that if you purchase anything from me, I promise:

  • To respect you and not push you into things you don’t need or want. I will never be aggressive or hound you. Ever.
  • To give you all the resources you need to get the most out of Young Living – whether you want to simply buy a product or if you’re interested in more.
  • To be a resource for great information and to check in as regularly as you’d like.
  • To get you plugged in to an amazing, private Facebook community that is a wealth of information and help.
  • To share samples of products I love, plus ideas and applications that can help you.

Why Young Living?

For me, first and foremost, is the Thieves cleaner – no one else offers anything close to it.

Beyond Thieves, the company is incredibly ethical and extremely careful in how it sources and refines their products. They’ve been around for over 20 years and they back what the sell 100%.

I did not test any off the shelf essential oils at stores until after I’d received my Premium Starter Kit.

I am here to tell you there is a difference in the scents! They simply don’t smell as good and my research tells me this is because of quality issues – both in ingredients as well as in distilling.

Many companies buy from the lowest bidder for supplies and based on my sniff test, there is definitely a difference! Remember that strong, overly synthetic type smell I mentioned hating?!?

What about the cost?

I refuse to lie or stretch the truth…it’s not inexpensive.  Yet I’d say 3 things have helped my budget a lot:

  • Thieves is incredibly low cost per ounce and because of Thieves being multi-use, I’m not buying my regular supply of things like floor cleaner, counter & bathroom cleaners, insect repellant, etc.
  • I use Essential Rewards which pays me back so I can choose specific free things; it’s easy to add to my product collection every month.
  • YL seems to offer many purchasing level promotions; off the top of my head, a few of what I’ve received free: full size toothpaste, 15 ml oils in fantastic scents and a box of health supplements.

The Essential Rewards program is probably the biggest cost cutter: they give me 20% of what I spend back. It’s pretty ridiculous how much I’ve gotten free in only a few months and seriously affects the cost/value ratio which helps me keep my budget in check. 

Given that I was spending at least $30 on cleaners and soaps a month, the shift to Thieves is a major budget saver as are other Young Living products! Thieves cleaner only costs me $1/bottle to make and a bottle last at least a month.

Cost aside, my bottom line is that good health is the one thing that I simply cannot afford to not invest in!  Why take a risk by using chemical products?  Just look up some of the ingredients on your basic cleaner and see the known side effects…yikes!

So yes, shifting to natural cleaners, oils and supplements may be fairly expensive in the beginning but overall, you’ll spend less money and be healthier.  Yet nothing is more valuable than your health!

What to do if you’re interested?

  • Choose a Premium Starter Kit and make it your first Essential Rewards shipment.
  • Get dialed in quickly through me and the awesome community that I’m apart of!
  • Check out the Resources I’ll provide you carefully – it’s TONS of helpful information 😊
  • Last but not least, use the fantastic products that you’ll get! Often! The sooner and more you do, the happier you’ll be.


Make sure the number 18883001 is in the Sponsor and Enroller field – check the box to let this kit be your first Essential Rewards (ER) shipment.  Remember it’s easy to change well before your next month’s shipment.  I literally change my order each month. (I’ll be emailing you all info about how ER works.)

ER is definitely the best way to get tons of freebies at no extra charge and have easy access to more natural products that will soon become a way of life.

As I promised above, I’ll be a great supporter for you and I’ll be sending you a welcome packet that is full of great tips and ideas. 

You’ll hear from me immediately and I’ll get you completely dialed in for your Starter Kit’s arrival, plus help guide you to get the most out of your awesome new things right away! Again, just  ORDER HERE and make sure the number 18883001 is in the Sponsor and Enroller field – check the box to let this kit be your first Essential Rewards (ER) shipment!!

If you have any questions ahead of ordering, feel free to email me at [email protected]