My Quest for Clean Living (and Giving Chemicals the Boot)

I’m on a mission to get rid of (or at the very least seriously limit) harsh cleaners and those that has non-natural ingredients.

Let me pause by explaining that I’ve had many experiences that led me to wanting to clean with natural, chemical free cleaners. The biggest of which is having:

  • major concerns for my health and the health of my two daughters and husband.
  • enough knowledge to know that the intense cleaning power offered by many cleaners are complete overkill and often damage things I care about.
  • worry about hurting my pets.
  • concerns about the environment.

My quest has been around for many years but only in a moderate way. I’ve been using things like Free and Clear laundry detergent for so many years that I don’t ever remember using anything else. And I’ve run away from some cleaners (Scrubbing Bubbles I’m talkin to you!) after literally getting sick after using them even in a well vented room. Yet I continued to use non-natural cleaners in many places. Heck, I’d say I even developed a love affair with my Method Cleaning line. So why after all these years as an adult consumer, am I making the major change to chemical free cleaning?

I have been interested for many years in using cleaners and detergents that had less chemicals, perfumes and additives. Why?

  1. I’ve experienced illness from strong cleaners – nothing crazy – but enough breathing difficulties and burning sensations in my throat that I knew full well they were terrible for me to be around.
  2. I’m concerned about my girls being exposed to chemicals; the rate of cancers and other disorders is enough to scare a mom to death!
  3. Everyone in my house has mild allergies and fairly sensitive skin.
  4. Concerns about the environment, air quality and reducing packaging waste.
  5. And as I mentioned above, scent sensitivity.

Also, since around the time I was a teenager, I’ve met various doctors and industry experts that have alerted me to the downsides of many cleaners and chemicals. A few of these examples are:

  1. My teenage dermatologist guided me away from clothing detergents that had scents and towards simple skin care options.
  2. A retail boss clued me into the chemicals used to set dyes as well as the fact that most laundry detergents are far stronger than is needed for most day to day dirt.
  3. My older sister is a marine biologist and has witnessed first-hand the incredible damage that we’ve done to the ecosystem with chemicals as well as with plastics.
  4. My years in retail hardlines (i.e. china, cookware, glassware) connected me to industry leaders that over and over again talked about the cleaners that claim ‘extra grease cutting’  and ‘extra strength’ are total overkill and in many instances will actually harm the surfaces of our pots, pans, dishes and glasses.

So all in all it’s been a culmination of bad experiences as well as a snowball effect of knowledge that’s brought me to this point. Do you want to breathe in chemicals every time you clean your house?

How am I replacing things and still getting a clean house?

Theives Cleaner

I was very nervous about the scent of this…

Vinegar and Essential Oil Blends

Oils can be added to vinegar to help make the scent way more tolerable (duh right?!? Why didn’t I think of that!). Blah blah blah

Baking Soda

Blah blah blah

What are the benefits of the switch to natural cleaners?

Reducing waste since the ingredients are concentrated.  Blah blah blah…

Shifting to Natural Scented Cleaning Products Makes Such a Difference!

Getting Rid of Harsh, Unhealthy Chemical Cleaners

Blah blah blah

I wish I could tell you there’s a magic cleaning fairy that’ll waive her wand and create perfect change immediately but sadly, it’s just not true. A girl can wish though right?!? Read up on what things improved literally overnight and others that I’m doing bit by bit by checking out my HOW THIS HATER OF ESSENTIAL OILS TURNED INTO A RAVING FAN article. I talk openly about what I love and don’t love about Young Living’s products. I talk frankly about what the numerous concerns and hesitations I had before buying my first YL item.

Or if you’re already interested in making a change head over to HOW YOU CAN MAKE THE SHIFT TO NATURAL CLEANING WITH ESSENTIAL OILS post <<MARIKRIS – this is linked to the shorter landing page>>.

Cheers to good health and happy cleaning!