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    So, You’re Interested in Shifting to Cleaner Living! Now What?

    I get you! And what I promise:

    I completely understand how you might be thinking and feeling right now – anything from incredibly skeptical (like I was) to super interested.  Since I was literally where you’re at just 3 months ago, I 100% get the various thoughts of hesitation running through your head.  For instance, beyond the concerns I mentioned above, you might be thinking “Isn’t Young Living a multi-level marketing company? Blah!” And maybe “home based sales people are pushy and overbearing!!!” Or “sounds great but it’s not a good time for me.” Seriously, no matter which you’re feeling, I get you. I thought all of the above! So no pressure here!

    Know though that I’m here when you want to know more and MOST IMPORTANTLY, know that I promise:

    • To respect you and not push you into things you don’t need or want. I am not that girl! I will never be pushy and aggressive and hound you. Ever.
    • To give you all the resources you need to get the most out of Young Living whether you want to simply buy a few products or if you’re interested in more.
    • To be a point person for great information and to check in as regularly as you’d like.
    • To get you plugged into an amazing private Facebook community that is a wealth of information and help.
    • To share samples of products I love, plus ideas and applications that can help you.

    Why Young Living?

    For me, first and foremost, is the Thieves cleaner – no one else offers anything close to it. Beyond that, the company is incredibly ethical and extremely careful in how it sources and refines their products. They’ve been around for over 20 years and they back what the sell 100%.

    I didn’t go test off the shelf essential oils at my grocery store until after I’d received my Premium Starter Kit. I am here to tell you there is a difference in the scents. They simply don’t smell as good and I’ve been told this is because of quality issues. Many companies buy from the lowest bidder for supplies and based on my sniff test, I am here to tell you there’s a difference! Remember that strong, overly synthetic type smell I mentioned hating??? Yep…many of them had this or they flat out just didn’t smell as good.

    What about the cost?

    I refuse to lie or stretch the truth…it’s not inexpensive.  Yet I’d say 3 things have helped my budget a lot:

    • Thieves is incredibly low cost per ounce and because of Thieves being multi-use, I’m not buying my regular supply of things like floor cleaner, counter & bathroom cleaners, insect repellant, etc.
    • I use Essential Rewards which pays me back so I can choose specific free things; it’s easy to add to my product collection every month.
    • YL seems to offer many purchasing level promotions; off the top of my head, a few of what I’ve received free: full size toothpaste, 15 ml oils in fantastic scents and a box of health supplements.

    The Essential Rewards program is probably the biggest cost cutter of the above because every month they give me 20% of what I spend back. It’s pretty ridiculous how much I’ve gotten free in only a few months and seriously affects the cost/value ratio which helps me keep my budget in check.

    Given that I was spending at least $30 on cleaners and soaps a month, the shift to Thieves is a major budget saver as are other Young Living products! Thieves cleaner only costs me $1/bottle to make and a bottle last at least a month.

    Also consider that Thieves laundry soap lasts us months vs. my Tide pods lasting 4-6 weeks. Last, the oils are easy to dilute so it seems like they’ll last a really long time – I’ve yet to make much dent in any of them even though I’m regularly using them.  I’ve done the math and my per use costs are down since I’ve made the shift to buying from Young Living.

    Cost aside, my bottom line is that good health is the one thing that I simply cannot afford to not invest in!  Why take a risk by using chemical products?  Just look up some of the ingredients on your basic cleaner and see the known side effects…yikes!

    So yes, shifting to natural cleaners, oils and supplements may be fairly expensive in the beginning but overall, you’ll spend less money and be healthier.  And nothing is more valuable than your health!

    How is the shift to natural products going? How easy is it to do?

    So far, it’s pretty painless but it is taking me time to make the change. Granted I spend a huge amount of time working and not very much time tending my house these days so I need to be deliberate and make time to do things like try new oil blends for cleaning and in my diffusers.

    I think it’s going to take at least another couple of months – maybe longer – to fully switch out the chemical oriented cleaners and soaps but I’m OK with that. Slow and steady wins the race right?!? And it also gives my family time to get used to the new products and habits which works better from them than overnight, radical change.

    What to do if you’re interested?

    • Choose a Premium Starter Kit and make it your first Essential Rewards shipment.
    • Get dialed in quickly through me and the awesome community that I’m apart of!
    • Check out the Resources I’ll provide you carefully – it’s TONS of helpful information 😊
    • Last but not least, use the fantastic products that you’ll get! Often! The sooner and more you do, the happier you’ll be.

    ORDER HERE – make sure the number 18883001 is in the Sponsor and Enroller field – check the box to let this kit be your first Essential Rewards (ER) shipment.  Know that you can change well before your next month’s shipment after you decide on what you’d like.  I literally change my order each month. I’ll be mailing you info about how ER works.)

    ER is definitely the best way to get tons of freebies at no extra charge and have easy access to more natural product that will soon become a way of life.

    As I promised above, I’ll be a great supporter for you and I’ll be sending you a welcome packet that is full of great tips and ideas. If you want to read more now about Starter Kit Specifics, My Favorite Items and Non-Young Living items I’ve bought click here << note Marikris – insert the next post link here >>.

    You’ll hear from me ASAP and I’ll get you completely dialed in for your Starter Kit, plus help guide you to get the most out of your awesome new things right away! Again, just ORDER HERE and make sure the number 18883001 is in the Sponsor and Enroller field – check the box to let this kit be your first Essential Rewards (ER) shipment!!

    Get ready to be wow’d!