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    Make Easter Special Even if Small, Indoors or Away from Family & Friends

    Easter was always one of my favorite holidays growing up, and not just because of the chocolate. I loved it because it was the first “outside holiday” of the year and it meant that warm weather and good times were just around the corner.

    Unfortunately, you can’t always spend Easter outside and while that is a bit of a disappointment it definitely doesn’t have to ruin the day. In fact, coping with today’s new normal without big egg hunts could be turned into a positive. I’ve used these tips a few times while traveling, and trust me when I tell you, some of Isabelle’s fondest Easter memories are from these years even though we didn’t have a big rack of lamb dinner or go to a fancy community egg hunt.

    Photo by Nicole Vaughn

    Here’s how to have a fantastic Easter regardless of your situation:

    1. Keep Traditions Up. I’m guessing you usually have a special meal and participate in an egg hunt either in the community, at church or with friends. There’s no reason to not have an egg hunt even if it’s indoors and limited to just your child(ren). Steven always has fun creating a challenging egg hunt, while I love making a breakfast treat for them to enjoy after the hunt and having a coffee and mimosa bar for grown ups. This year will be no different although the set ups will be a bit less fancy – I’m planning our coffee set up as usual (see above) but skipping the mimosas since a bottle of champagne will keep us plenty happy.
    2. Indoor or Back Yard Egg Hunt. For reasons like travel and weather we’ve done this a few times. Steven seems to get greater joy with indoor hungs and takes time to figure out clever spots so hiding eggs inside can be even more fun that the tradition big ones if you have the mindset. Depending on the age/stage of your kids either set them out the night before or have the kids all go into one room while you hide Easter eggs throughout the house. For easy containment during egg hiding, try a great movie or Easter themed show. (NQM tip: do a quick count of eggs hidden per room before hiding them so that you attract ants or find gross stale candy during your next spring cleaning. This is especially true if you’re using real eggs…no thanks to stinky surpises! )
    3. Have a Healthier Easter Basket. Make Easter baskets a little bit healthier this year with less sugar-filled candies. Replace them with fruit, nuts, coloring books, colored pencils, and other things that are a little bit healthier. See No Qualms Mom Non-Candy Easter Treat Ideas for other options. Remember to include that traditional big chocolate bunny in their basket make sure you include it. It’s important to keep traditions alive!
    4. Set Out Treats. Avoid getting your kids hyped up on sugar all day and bouncing off the walls. Rather than having them wolf down their egg hunt goodies, let them choose a reasonable amount of it and set out a bowl of candy and chocolates that they can take from instead. Encourage them to only take one piece at a time and spread out how often they have some because once that bowl is empty, the treats are done for the day. I’m guessing you’ll have treats leftover so you can set more out or let them choose a few items each day following. The kids will appreciate the treats and you’ll appreciate the reduced frenzy!
    5. Call Family. In the days leading up to or on Easter itself, get in touch with Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles to arrange some Facetime calls. Easter is usually such a social affair and the kids will enjoy the opportunity to talk with family members that they’ve not seen in some time. If they have cousins, make it into a playdate where each kid in the call has something to play with like a coloring book or Legos. We’re planning a virtual playdate with Reina’s best buddy so they can show and tell what they got in their easter baskets. This way it can feel like they’re playing together despite the distance between them.
    6. Play Lots of Games. Pinterest is full of fun Easter games like Easter bunny bowling with toilet paper tubes and other fun games. Face painting is also a fun thing to do if you happen to have the paint. Be sure to play other games too like Twister. Giving the kids lots of things to do on the day will make it feel just a little more special.
    7. Pretend the Easter Bunny is at Your House and Invisible to Kids. One game for little ones that ‘believe’ requires all the adults in the house to get in on is pretending that the Easter Bunny is staying at your house and he’s invisible to kids. Have a spare chair at the dining table for the Easter Bunny and when one of the kids goes to sit down, tell him he’s about to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap!
    8. Don’t Stress if Your Special Easter Meal Isn’t ‘Perfect.’ Kids especially don’t care if the rack of lamb and mint sauce are perferct year after year, so just focus on enjoying what ever meal you serve. Ideally, you could serve at least a dessert or side dish that your family enjoys year after year, but even if this isn’t possible focus on being grateful for the meal and your health. Or if your meal ingredients are limited, perhaps focus on the table having some Easter or spring touches. Better yet, let your kids decorate the table!
    9. Learn Something New. Easter is a great opportunity for learning about the world we live in. Show how Easter is celebrated differently all around the world. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for a religion class. Either by teaching the kids an Easter-themed Sunday school lesson or by teaching them about Christianity and why Easter is celebrated at all.

    If you embrace the day and set a tone of fun, you’re kid will surely catch the mood and have a fantastic day! I still have memories of an indoor easter where I discovered by basket (with a big stuffed rabbit in it) inside the dryer!

    Photo by Adobe / Africa Studio

    Feature photo by Elizabeth Curtiss