New Regular Feature: No Qualms Mom Favorites

A new feature that will become a Home Page main stay is an ever growing list of items that I love and that the No Qualms Mom contributors love.

For now, here’s a list of seasonal items that are easy ways to spruce up you home and bring a bit of joy to your family and friends. *NOTE: This contains some affiliate links but only if No Qualms Mom thinks highly of the product or service. While NQM may receive a small commission from some sellers if you buy from them, please know that using my links does not affect your pricing in any way. And many NQM links are purely information โ€“ listed only to help you.

We will update the list often and it will become a sidebar feature on the home page! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and when an item gets added to the list we’ll say #NQMFavorite.

Valentines Day Fun:

The Feature Photo above shows a Target wooden bead garland that was a perfect touch for my dining room. My nearby store is sold out but hoping your Target is fully stocked. This one is worth storing and pulling out year after year! My chandlier is fairly large and I used 3 of them to create a swagged look.

This is a Target Dollar Bin collection and everything other than the tray was between $1 and $5! It’s more in store only items – you can’t get the Dollar Bin items online so swing by your local store to see what they have in stock.

The white tray is one of my most used purchases from Amazon. I have 3 of them and use them for my office, kitchen displays and at parties. Highly recommend getting at least one!

Conversation Heart Banner (that’s not DIY assembly required) works well hanging between my kitchen island lights. I removed a number of them to show just 3 along with a super old glitter garland that I think I found at a party supply store.

New fav brand of little girl’s clothing is on Amazon and it’s such great quality compared to other brands I’ve found there! It reminds me of a Nordstrom level brand at about half the price!