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No Qualms Mom Non-Candy Easter Treat Ideas

I think I can safely say that you wish that you could give your child something other than a basket full of candy right?!? This is especially true for younger kids so I did some research and testing on what things fit well into the slightly annoying plastic eggs. Keep in mind some of the below aren’t suitable for the super little guys so use your judgment based on the kids attending your egg hunt.

Pretty much everything below can be found at Target, Dollar Store, Amazon and other big box stores.

Here’s the No Qualms Mom curated list:

  • little fuzzy chicks (shown above)
  • Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies and/or other flavor varieties of bunnies or non-organic options like Goldfish and Teddy Grahams
  • stickers
  • pennies and other coins
  • fruit leather (tip: Costco sells them in a size that rolls up nicely into even the small sized eggs)
  • little plastic animal figurines
Plastic figurines of a sheep, goose and chicken toy model isolated on a white background
  • picture coupons for books and other bigger size toys (be sure to explain the drawing concept to kids & parents ahead of time)
  • chalk and crayons (x-small, finger type or egg-shaped)
  • small-sized stamps (some are self-inking)
  • Lego mini-figures
  • tiny cars (standard Hot Wheels are generally too big for even the larger eggs)
Easter blue egg on red car. Holiday Easter concept
  • felted chicks or eggs (check craft shows or Etsy for these)
  • army men or other small figurines
  • silly putty
  • glitter glue sticks or markers
  • craft puff balls
  • friendship bracelets, jelly bands and other jewelry
  • sticker earrings
  • temporary tattoos
  • stress balls (some even light up!)
  • mini-sized slime
  • finger puppets
  • mini gem stones
  • whistles
Whistle – isolated on white background
  • magic grow capsules (most grocery & drug stores have these)
  • gag gift items like finger sporks
  • character band-aids (I know I’ve mentioned these before in the Stocking Stuffers postโ€”but kids love em!)
  • mini-sized blowing bubbles
  • Silly Bandz
  • hair ties and bows
  • various small trinkets, bounce balls and toys: available though Oriental Trading Company or Amazon
Toy eggs, egg capsule, Gashapon. selective focus.

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