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    NQM Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad

    Prep time: 25-30 minutes
    Serves: 5-10 people (varies w/portion size: main or side)
    Serve with: Chicken or fish


    • 10 oz. baby spinach
    • 1 and a half cups of cooked black bean or 1 15 oz. can of black beans
    • 1 medium sweet potato, cubed in about 1/2 inch cubes
    • 1-2 green onion stalks, finely chopped


    • 1/3 cup olive oil
    • 1/2 a lime
    • 1 clove fresh garlic
    • 1 tsp banana chutney
    • 1 tsp dijon mustard
    • 1/2 tsp salt (+/- to taste)
    • 1/2 black ground pepper (+/- to taste)

    Cooking instructions:

    To make the salad:

    • Peal, cube, and steam sweet potato about 10 minutes or until tender. Remove from heat and allow to cool in fridgeprior to salad assembly.
    • Drain black beans of any excess liquid and set aside.
    • Chop green onions finely and set aside.
    • Place spinach in large bowl.

    To make the dressing:

    • Mince the garlic and place in small jar adding olive oil, lime juice, chutney, mustard, salt and pepper. Shake ingredients to blend flavors and emulsify dressing. Set aside.
    • Toss the spinach with about 2/3 of your dressing; then add sweet potato and black beans; drizzle the remaining dressing over top; finish with chopped green onions.


    • This salad lends itself to flexibility! Feel free to experiment with the proportions of the dressing, adjusting the amount of garlic (being mindful of your guests), adding more lime juice if you like the sour pop, or upping the chutney or preserves if you enjoy a sweeter overall taste.
    • Easy and delicious replacements include salad greens or romaine lettuce instead of spinach (or a mixture of any of the above), peach preserves instead of chutney, (often easier to find in your fridge and works just as well) and even lemon juice instead of lime (works in a pinch).
    • For quicker assembly try pre-cooking the sweet potato and/or prepping the dressing the night before. Those are the steps that take the longest and they also keep just fine overnight.
    • You can even try finishing it all off by sprinkling a few pomegranate seeds on top to add color and play up the sweet and savory contrast.


    Featured Photo by Laura Taylor

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