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    Operation Hydration

    At a recent visit to my Doctor, I mentioned some ongoing headaches I’ve been having. As a starting point, my Doc recommended, at a minimum, doubling my current water intake, especially since I’m a regular runner.

    Improving my hydration has been a hovering goal of mine for quite some time. The benefits are amazing. Among them: better skin, increased energy, weight loss, reduced stress, and a decrease in head and body aches. All things I’m more than a little interested in. Now that operation hydration was what the doctor ordered, I decided to finally buckle down and take my water intake more seriously.

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    After a little research exploring all things H-2-O, I knew I needed to put some tools in place to help me meet my daily goal of consuming a minimum of 2 liters of water per day.

    Here’s what I came up with:

    1. Love the Vehicle. Ever notice how wine tastes better in a fancy glass? Water, in my opinion, is no different. Forget those disposable, landfill-bound plastic bottles and find something you both enjoy drinking out of, looks cute, and fits in your carry-all. I like my water super-cold so I’ve invested in stainless steel bottle, but there are tons of cool brands and styles to choose from. If you’re looking to cut out the plastic like so many of us these days, stainless is a good bet, but there are also super-chic styles in glass and even wood these days. Because water bottles can become a germ farm, particularly ones with a mouth piece, don’t forget they need a good wash every day. It’s a good idea to stock up on a few if daily dish washing isn’t your thing.
    2. SPAAA Baby. Let’s face it, water can be a little boring. You know what’s not boring? A beautiful water-filled carafe dancing with herbs, citrus, cucumbers, or fruit. That’s why I love me some infused water.
      I’ve noticed that whenever I find myself at a hotel or spa with the complimentary infused water my hydration skyrockets since staying hydrated suddenly feels luxurious. And why leave this super simple hack to the hospitality experts? I’m sure you have plenty of infusible items in your fridge or yard, even better if its produce nearing end-of-life that needs quick consumption. Just throw said botanicals in a glass carafe with ice, set out somewhere highly visible, and the temptation to hydrate will call to you all day long.
    3. Get your Gold Stars. I love the sense of accomplishment I get from checking something off a to-do list. I realized, though that tracking my water consumption can be a bit tricky since it’s something that is going on all day long. I decided to look into a solution for this and found a ton of water tracking apps available with various functions. Many will send you reminders throughout the day, or even allow you to log your food intake since foods such as fruits and veggies can often provide a hydration boost. Because I’m a daily Fitbit wearer, and also because I tend to avoid things that feel like they add a layer of complication to my life, I opted to use the super-simple water tracker on my Fitbit app. I’m already checking the app throughout the day to track my steps, why not update my water consumption while I’m at it.
    4. Carbonated Counts.I know very few ladies (myself included) without a minor addiction to La Croix these days. The lovely bubbles and hint of flavor make hydrating so much more enjoyable. So, I wanted to see if throwing one or two of these back a day counted towards my water intake. And the consensus I found on this is yes, carbonated water does count, as long as it doesn’t have any sodium or sugar in the mix. Hoorah! I’ve been sticking to still water first thing in the morning, during and after work outs and at bedtime, and saving my lovely bubbly for a late afternoon boost, which has also been helping curb the snacking that often goes on this time of day.
    5. Keep It Clean. Lastly, because I’m now consuming so much more water, I invested in a filter that lives in my fridge. Yes, tap water is supposed to be safe, but I know trace amounts of chemicals from various sources can find their way in, and I want the water I consume to be solely a vehicle for purification in my body, not a pollutant.
      Filtered water straight from the fridge also has the added bonus of being extra cold. There are a number of filtration systems out there; I recommend finding one that works for you.

    That’s a wrap on my journey down the watering hole. Hope you learned a few things and are inspired to get your hydration on!

    Photo by fortyforks

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